STM 47GG Küchenmaschine



  • Robustes Vollmetallgehäuse mit Metallgetriebe
  • Planeten-Kneten
  • 6 Jahre Garantie auf den Motor
Finished product

Hauptmerkmale STM 47GG

Robustes Vollmetallgehäuse mit Metallgetriebe
Planeten-Kneten, Schlag-System stellt sicher, dass alle Inhalte in der Schüssel komplett vermischt werden.
6 Jahre Garantie auf den Motor
Im Lieferumfang enthaltenes Zubehör:
 - Quirl
 - Ballon-Schlagbesen
 - Knethaken
 - Fleischhacker
 - Wurstfüller
 - Hobel und Reibe
Kapazität zur Herstellung von bis zu 1,5 kg Teig
Schlägt bis zu 8 Eiweiß
4,5 Liter Edelstahlschüssel mit zwei Griffen für einfache Handhabung
8 Geschwindigkeiten zur Herstellung einer breiten Palette an Fleisch
Geschwindigkeitseinstellung für optimaleGeschwindigkeit
Eingangsleistung  1 000 W

STM-47GG-master-metla.pngPLANETARY SYSTEM
The multi-motion drive effect — or planetary system — is of advantage when it comes to kneading, mixing and whipping. The attachments rotate around their axis and around the circumference of the bowl at the same time, guaranteeing excellent, residue-free mixing. You can be sure that all ingredients will mix to the right consistency and will blend completely.

STM-47GG-master-testo_1.png4.7-QUART STAINLESS-STEEL BOWL
The mixing bowl is vital to any stand mixer. Its quality, volume and maneuverability are key to users’ satisfaction. The 4.7-qt bowl is big enough to prepare over 3 lbs of dough or to beat 8 egg whites at once. It is made of high-quality polished stainless steel — easy to remove, a breeze to wash, and can stand on the counter on its own. Two grips on the bowl make it easy to handle.


The beauty of metal inside and out. Metal body and all-metal gears work with extreme endurance — guaranteed. The stand mixer’s high quality and excellent workmanship allow for a strong yet very quiet motor. The all-metal core, including the gears, is another sign of quality — as is the 6-year warranty.

STM-47GG_front_opened_CMYK_300dpi.pngBEATERS AND DOUGH HOOKS
The basic equipment of any stand mixer. An A-shaped beater — ideal for preparing frosting and light unleavened dough. A balloon whisk — excellent for whipping cream and beating egg whites. A kneading hook for stiff, heavy leavened dough.

This juicer has a screw press to get the most out of your fruit or vegetables — the most juice, flavor and aroma. Fresh, healthy juice any time you want.
(optional attachment)



Want to surprise the family? Just choose one of 4 attractive shapes to create scrumptious delicacies — simply and in the comfort of your own kitchen. After all, what is better than enjoying milk and cookies with those close to you, all prepared at home, with love!
(optional attachment)


Food grinder with two grinding disks — coarse and fine — grinds any food or meat to the exact consistency a dish requires.


Slicer and grater with three interchangeable attachments for slicing, and coarse and fine grating. Makes it easy to prepare salads, potato chips, grated nuts and much more.


This attachment makes it easy to prepare homemade kielbasa, bratwurst or other sausage-style food.



With this set of attachments, it is a breeze to prepare pasta of almost any shape.Linguine, tagliatelle and lasagna are an absolute snap.
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Technische Daten

Power input 1 000 W
Container capacity 4,5 l
Bowl (dough) capacity 1,5 kg
Container material STAINLESS STEEL
Kneading YES
Whisking YES
Chopping / cutting YES
Grating YES
Meat grinder YES
Juicer NO
Mixer NO
Citrus juice press NO
Display NO
Speeds 8
Speed control YES
Impulse switch NO
Storage compartment NO
Noise level 79 dB
Height 36 cm
Width 27 cm
Depth 25 cm
Colour GREEN
Weight 10,4 kg
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